Medical Cannabis Evaluations

Medical Marijuana Card Evaluations

CAM Alternative Healthcare / Serenity Medical Evaluations, AKA SME Services, was the Inland Empire’s most trusted Medical Cannabis Evaluation center and provider of medical marijuana Recommendations since 2008. As a group of Doctors who work with medical cannabis patients, each MD is experienced in talking to patients about the benefits of Medical Cannabis.

Changes have occurred in the cannabis industry with the passage of Prop 64.As a result, many of the patients who visited the office personally have requested that we provide our services online. This makes it easier for bed bound patients, seriously ill children and busy patients to stay medical. Therefore, we have closed our ‘brick and motor’ offices in both Riverside and Chino and will be seeing patients exclusively on line through HIPPA compliant telemedicine.

Notice to Parents of Seriously Ill Children: We now have a physician who can treat seriously ill children with Seizures, Cancer, Autism, and Chronic pain. Please contact us to meet with the physician who can recommend CBD oils to help your minor child. No long wait times. Help is on the way! Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!!


  1. Purchase and possess and transport  up to 8 oz
  2. Grow as much as is medically necessary for your own personal use (per MMJ patient)
  3. Full potency for concentrates and edibles (up to 30% THC)
  4. Available to patients of ALL ages (including under 18)
  5. Save sales taxes with the county medical card.
  6. Access to more dispensaries


  1. Purchase  and possess only 1 oz
  2. Limit of 6 plants growth (entire household)
  3. Limit of 10% potency for edibles and concentrates
  4. Only available to those 21 and older
  5. Price expected to be 14-20% higher

Call now to pre-qualify and find if medical cannabis is right for you. We can schedule your appointment on line with our doctor where you will be able to see and speak directly with your physician.

Contact CAM Alternative Healthcare / Serenity Medical Evaluations now at 951-751-1450 or email us at Online Recommendations Coming Soon!